The Education Ecosystem is EduLeaders of Color R.I. core program and consists of monthly meetups during the school year. All R.I. educators of color, as well as allies, are invited to the meetings.  The goal of these monthly meetups is to expand the social capital of education leaders of color while connecting them with community organizations and resources that they can utilize in their spheres of work.

The monthly meetups serve as a platform to empower, educate, and inspire leaders of color who are committed to creating transformational change in their communities.

The next meetup will be in Fall 2018.

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State your “why” and share your background


Share Your Work

Use visuals or a slide deck to make your points.


Call to Action

What should people do after hearing your presentation? How can people get involved?



Follow up with people one-on-one to build and innovate.


May 2018: Dr. Christopher Emdin at WaterFire Arts Center

Make sure to join us for our May 2018 meetup! This will be the last convening of the school year so we are ending the year big for teachers and leaders of color in Rhode Island! EduLeaders of Color R.I. is super excited to feature Dr. Christopher Emdin at the next meetup. Dr. Emdin is an Associate Professor…

April 2018: Christina Turner, PSU, Chris Potter and Gina Raimondo at WaterFire Arts Center

“On the street is where the change is demanded. At the table is where it is made.” – Rev. Tony Lee   Attend the EduLeaders of Color R.I. April Meetup to speak and connect with other leaders and teachers of color who are committed to advancing equity in our schools, organizations, and institutions. Our convenings…

March 2018: Dr. Barbara Mullen, Charon Rose, Seth Magaziner, and Reza Clifton at the Rhode Island State House

Are you committed to equity in education and beyond? Interested in connecting with other leaders and teachers of color leading the charge for educational equity? Have an innovative idea that you want to share with others in the community? Make sure to join us for our EduLeaders of Color RI March Meetup! Our convenings cultivate…

February 2018: O’sha Williams, Angela Flynn, Dr. Taino Palermo, Isabelle Yisak and Jess Brown at the Business Innovation Factory

Would you like to meet others leading the charge for educational equity? Interested in sharing ideas and resources with educators and leaders? Join us for our EduLeaders of Color RI February Meetup! Our convenings focus on highlighting the work of educators and leaders within our state that are committed to equity in education. We are…

December 2017: Ngina Johnson, Angie Ankoma, Deidania Peña-DaRosa, Juanita Montes de Orca and Mariani Lefas-Tetenes at the RISD museum

“I’m a real rebel with a cause.” – Nina Simone December’s meetup is all about highlighting and empowering women in Rhode Island, specifically women of color. This month we will be convening at the Rhode Island School of Design Museum to learn about ways women are leading change in various fields, from inside the classroom…

October 2017: Teresa Guaba, Preetilata Hashemi, Ed German and Akeem Speaks at the Social Enterprise Greenhouse

This month’s meetup will engage community leaders, educators, administrators, and artists from R.I. in a space that supports the intersection of innovation and education. Please join us on October 26th at the Social Enterprise Greenhouse to network, build and bridge ideas on how to innovatively solve problems of inequities in our education system. Our speakers…