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Developing Equitable and Culturally Responsive Curriculum with Cendhi Arias and Angela Flynn

Seminar Description: During this seminar, educators and leaders had the opportunity to participate in engaging activities that provide a framework for teachers who are beginning to think about what equitable and culturally responsive curriculum looks like in science and integrated math and humanities.

Angela Flynn shared the student-driven processes that she has used to develop an integrative and reflective middle school science unit that uses brain science, sociology, and biology to guide students in uncovering misconceptions about their understanding of racial identity and implicit bias. Part of this curriculum includes her innovative TEDEd lesson, “The Science of Skin Color,” which has been viewed over 1 million times and customized by other educators over 300 times.

Cendhi Arias guided participants through the process of embedding equitable and culturally responsive practices in an integrated math and humanities, lower school, curriculum. Educators will see how students consider multiple perspectives throughout a math graphing unit.

Focus: Science and Integrated Math and Humanities

Lead Facilitators: Cendhi Arias & Angela Flynn

Resources: To access the presentation and resources from this seminar, visit this link.

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