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February 2017

Would you like to meet others leading the charge for educational equity? Please join us for our Ed Leaders of Color Meetup! This gathering will focus on elevating the leadership, voice and influence of historically marginalized groups in the RI education system and community. It also serves as a safe space where people can network and share resources and ideas. Our space welcomes ALL but specifically concentrates on supporting groups of people that historically have been underrepresented or marginalized.

This month's meetup will feature representatives from the Business Innovation Factory, the Fuse RI Fellowship, and the Empowering Educators of Color Conference.

The Business Innovation Factory: The Business Innovation Factory (BIF) works with individuals, organizations, and communities who believe that business model innovation is on the critical path to transforming our most important social systems. BIF helps leaders design and test new business models in the real world. Learn more here:

The Fuse RI Fellowship: The Fuse RI initiative is a two-year fellowship for RI educators, in which Fuse RI Fellows assist Local Education Agencies to embrace technology and blended learning. Learn more here:

Empowering Educators of Color Conference: The Empowering Educators of Color Conference for educators of color to meet, network, and learn from one another. Conference organizers hope to create a safe space for honest dialogue so that educators leave feeling inspired and empowered. Learn more here:

Attendees will be eligible to win free tickets to the Blended and Personalized Learning Conference! Hosted by the Highlander Institute with program support from the Christensen Institute and the Learning Accelerator, the Blended and Personalized Learning Conference enjoys strong endorsements from the education community. Conference attendance has grown exponentially, with the past three events selling out. The conference program includes three strands of information - one for district leaders, one for building principals and one for classroom teachers.

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